It’s EVERYWHERE in the health insurance industry right now.

Setting yourself apart is harder today than it’s ever been. Therefore, it’s imperative your message be clear.

Last week I worked with a health insurance industry partner who’s about to launch a solution for brokers and their clients. Their goal? Craft a clear message for their target audience so they can sell their solution at scale.

This experience validated an observation I’ve been making about the health insurance industry for awhile.

Industry vendors need serious help with their message.

If you’re a partner to the industry, you face two HUGE challenges right now.

  1. You are struggling to communicate your message effectively.
  2. Brokers are REALLY struggling to communicate your message effectively.

I see far too many good solutions struggle to sell simply because they cannot convey the message appropriately. Does this sound familiar? Just listen to most talks and breakout sessions given at industry conferences today. This is nothing short of an epidemic.

We need you to win more, so here’s my plea to you:

Quit focusing on your product and start focusing on your message.

Study your buyers and start letting them know how you are going to make their lives easier, not how your product is going to fix the health insurance industry. Tune into WIIFM (What In It For ME) and away from product lingo . Fall in love with your audience’s destination, not the details of your solution. Too many good opportunities are being decimated by an underwhelming, ineffective message.

Listen, you have a good product that is going to help the health insurance industry change for the better so we need more brokers and employers buying in, but you have to start telling a better story.

Please do me a favor and start investing the time and money into coaching your sales reps and the broker community to deliver your message in a way that’s engaging and calls your prospects to action.

A powerful message leads to more opportunities, more clients, and more revenue.

This industry MUST change so we need you to win. But, we’re going to need you to step it up and bring a better story with a better message.

In a sea of noise, he or she who communicates the clearest message wins every. single. time!