Smile… Your Life Is Pretty Damn Good

Stop the complaining. Stop the excuses.

Don’t point fingers when you should be looking in the mirror.

Your life is pretty damn good.

EVERYTHING that is happening in your life starts with a choice… your choice. You need to start taking 100% ownership for it.Read More

Are You Ready to Show Up Big This Week?

“Please…just show up!”

Those words came out of my mouth about 4 hours ago while watching the Green Bay Packers “attempt” to compete with the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

It’s also why this blog will be extremely short. I’m that angry.Read More

3 Predictions for LinkedIn

I’ve been really active on LinkedIn for a little over 2 years. Each day my goal is to bring as much value to my audience as I can. In the beginning, my content sucked. Yet, through consistency and repetition, it’s improved. What is the “hack” that’s helped me post better content? There is none.

Showing up on social media is a constant game of testing and experimenting. Will a certain type of post work? I don’t know. Test it and see what happens. If it doesn’t resonate with your audience, stop doing it. Keep trying new things until you reach a point where your message is consistently resonating with your target connections.Read More

3 Ways to Show Your Audience You’re Prepared to Speak

Preparation is the key to your success in giving powerful and impactful speeches.

Can you truly say that you put in the time to prepare when you’re asked to speak?

Here’s the problem when you don’t…

When you’re not prepared, it’s obvious to the audience when you’re on stage. It’s obvious when you’re rambling without a purpose or a message. It’s obvious when the power point slides accidentally lock and you freeze because they’re your “crutch”.

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