Andy Neary

Overcome uncertainty, overpower adversity.

Andy Neary is a former Professional Baseball Player, a two-time Ironman finisher, Business Coach, and Founder of the Complete Game coaching program. Andy’s mission is to help business professionals build the mindset, habits, and rituals “off the field” that lead to all-star performance on it. It’s about developing a #majorleaguemindset.
Andy the…

Pro Baseball Player

As an undersized athlete, Andy’s ability to master the daily habits and rituals helped him far exceed expectations on the Pitcher’s mound. He attributes all the work he put in when no one was watching, to his successful college career and the opportunity to pitch at baseball’s highest level. With discipline and accountability anything is possible.

Andy holding a baseball glove.
Andy riding a bike during an Ironman competition.
Andy the…

Ironman Athlete

Completing an Ironman race is one of the most grueling tasks on the planet. Swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and running a marathon (26.2 miles) in one race, requires a clear mind and high-performing body. To “show up” on race day, one must put in consistent daily work on the bike, the road, and in the pool. Andy attributes his success in Ironman competitions to the same daily habits and rituals he applied to his professional baseball career.

Andy the…

Business Coach

Andy has taken the habits and rituals he used to compete in professional baseball and Ironman racing to help business professionals EXCEL IN BUSINESS AND LIFE. The Complete Game coaching program will help you design a game plan built to go “all 9 innings”. When you mix discipline with accountability, you create massive action! The work you put in when no one is watching is the key to your professional success.

Andy smiling outside a building.

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Helping business professionals build their #majorleaguemindset

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