In this video, you’ll learn why your excuses are keeping you from hitting your sales goals and what you can do to overcome it.



Video Transcript:

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Are you doing? Whatever it takes to win. Take a pretty honest assessment of your performance up until this point. Are you doing whatever it takes to win? Are you willing to go the extra mile to put in the extra hour it takes to hit your goals this year? Or are you willing to admit? Yeah, Andy. You know, I have to admit, probably, especially since the weather’s gotten a little nicer, I’ve taken my foot off the gas and I’ve coasted a little bit.

I’ve talked about this a lot recently, how easy it is to make an excuse for an entire year as to why selling in the moment is not a top priority in Q1. Andy, I can’t I can’t focus on selling right now. I’ve got to kind of clean up all of my one one renewals in Q2. It’s okay, Eddie.

I’m going to I’m going to build a list. I’m going to put a really good list of prospects together and I’m going to perfect it. I want to I want it perfect before I send that first email or make that first call, which, by the way, never comes. And then in Q3, it’s, you know, Andy, it’s summer. It’s nice.

We’ve got a couple of vacations planned. My clients are on vacation. It’s probably not a good time. I’m not going to reach anybody. And then we all know the excuse for it. You kidding me? You want me to try to sell something in November or December? I’ve got all these renewals to handle, and you literally excuse yourself throughout the entire year, year after year, as to why you’re not selling.

That is an example of an unwillingness to do what ever it takes to succeed. Last week on the podcast I had Dominic Fran Keeney join me and Dominic is an extremely successful health insurance adviser with Herren in Cincinnati. We were talking about that. The keys that have allowed him to build a multimillion dollar book of business over his career.

And there was one thing that I stat that that he’s done, that when I observe what he does that stood out for me that said, yep, this guy’s willing to do whatever it takes. And that is a year ago he participated in an RFP and the RFP was for a large manufacturer in the southern Ohio market that specialized in aviation.

I think they may have made parts for planes and Dominic already extremely successful, somebody who probably could take his foot off the gas if he wanted to and just be fine, decided, you know, in order to win this thing, I’m going to go above and beyond. I’m going to do the extra work it takes to win this. So he decided that along with submitting the RFP, he was going to submit a video with the RFP, which where he delivered the entire RFP from a cockpit of an airplane.

He took the time, invested the money to rent a plane, go up in the sky, record the video RFP, because he knew he was going to do whatever it took to succeed. Now, here’s the punchline of that story. He didn’t win the RFP. It’s easy to go 80. What was the point? He didn’t even win. He did all that and still lost.

Yeah, I get it. But it’s willing to go the extra mile. It’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if success is not guaranteed.