“My clients won’t implement my strategies.”

“My Account Managers aren’t doing their jobs.”

“My territory stinks.”

Sound familiar? Yeah, it does for me too.

I look back at all of the complaining I’ve done over the years. I used to blame everything and everyone for my lack of production. It was always an outside factor effecting my results. Never me. Now, as I reflect on my past self, I realize there was a DIRECT CORRELATION between my complaining and my worst production years of my career. You too?

If you’re out there today dealing with sales results that are much worse than you predicted, who (or what) are you blaming? If you’re looking outward to pass the responsibility, it’s time to look inward and reflect. It’s time to take a lesson from the top performers in your industry.

Here’s the thing …

The producers you’re looking up at today aren’t more talented than you. They’re probably not even better “closers” than you. However, they do have one habit that you probably don’t.

They take 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING.

They know that everything is their fault. They have no room for excuses. It’s not their clients. It’s not their team. It’s not their territory. They are taking 100% for everything that happens in their business. Are you?

As you enter the 4th quarter, you need to figure out how to finish the year strong and start 2020 with a bang. Start with a hard look in the mirror. If you’re crafting excuses as to why you’re not performing the way you know you’re capable of, develop a game plan to eliminate the bull sh*t between your ears, and start taking 100% responsibility for every result you’re getting.


When you do, you’ll clear your mind and ignite your results!