The World Doesn’t Need Any As@holes

It’s Sunday afternoon.

I’m sitting down, with a cup of coffee, writing this short blog as I digest the Ascend Conference I just attended for the past 3 days.

So many people to meet but so little time to connect with them all.

However, I return home energized knowing one thing is clear…Read More

3 Mindset Shifts I’m Making in the Next Decade

Here we are. The Holidays.

A time for relaxing, enjoying loved ones, and reflecting on the year. It’s not only the end of 2019, it’s the end of a decade.

Go back to the version of you that existed in 2010. Where were you? What were you doing? Who were you??

When I look back at Andy Neary in 2010, I see a COMPLETELY different person than I do today.Read More

My Plea to Health Insurance Industry Vendors


It’s EVERYWHERE in the health insurance industry right now.

Setting yourself apart is harder today than it’s ever been. Therefore, it’s imperative your message be clear.

Last week I worked with a health insurance industry partner who’s about to launch a solution for brokers and their clients. Their goal? Craft a clear message for their target audience so they can sell their solution at scale.Read More

Docu[mental] Podcast – Build a Brand & Tell a Story

An episode of Docu[mental]: A Podcast on Curiosity.

Q: How do we tell better stories?

A: Andy Neary and I jumped on the Docu[mental] podcast to discuss the art of storytelling, brand building, and more. You will learn: + How to build a name for yourself + How to make an impression in personal and professional settings + How to tell stories that captivate the audience. Have a listen!Read More