EP 12 – Perfecting Future Performance (PFPs)

✅First, most importantly I truly hope that you, your family, employees are all safe & healthy. 🤗

I feel like we took a right 👊🏼hook that we weren’t expecting, 🤕and now we have picked ourself up, rubbed some dirt on it and are getting back to it. 😄

I want to help 👉🏻YOU 👈🏻get back to the basics. You may be working 💻from home and have a little more time on your hands🖐🏻🤚🏻, so what better time to work on yourself?


What is that? 🤔

Perfecting Future Performance👍🏻

What does that mean? 🤷

Listen to this bullpen

It’s 3️⃣ steps.

✅And I bet you have time for them.

Who’s ready? 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️



EP 6 – Consistency | Persistency | Patience.The KEYS to Long-Term Wins!

Consistency. Persistency. Patience.

Are you capable of all 3❓

In my opinion, consistency, persistency, and patience are the KEYS to long-term success.

✔️ You must be CONSISTENT every day. Keep going LONG AFTER your competition has given up.

✔️ You must PERSISTENT in chasing your goals.

✔️ Yet, have the PATIENCE to know you’re not going to be an overnight success.

Take inventory of your year to-date. Are you applying all 3 to your actions?

Shoot me a note and let me know what you’re doing in 2020 to be consistent, persistent, and patient.