JB has over 30 years of experience in transforming individuals into leaders.

He is a veteran of the United States Army with 26 years of service, including ten years in Special Operations with the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, leading the Country’s most talented Soldiers in combat. JB retired at the prominent rank of Sergeant Major, the highest and most respected Non-Commissioned Officer position in the military.

JB is extensively well-versed as a leader, trainer, and educator. He has executed effective team building and leadership training for several professional sports teams, including NFL and NHL clubs, and was the first in Executive Director of Leadership and Cultural Development, spawning similar roles with other professional teams throughout the league. He routinely advises C-Suite executives on leadership and culture and is a sought after speaker for industry gatherings and leadership podcasts.

The higher you climb, the more people you serve. Come to understand what it truly means to be a warrior, and how to spread joy. You can also read more about JB’s philosophy in his book, Warrior Leadership: Steps to success for Leaders on the Ground.

Instagram: @jbspisso
LinkedIn: @jb-spisso
Twitter: @jbsleaders