This week we continue talking about planning your 2023 Marketing Strategy with a focus on CONTENT.

In order to create content that will help you convert prospects into clients, you first need to understand what they are looking for.

When you provide valuable information in a way that is helpful and easy to digest, you are well on your way to building strong relationships with your prospects.

Keep watching to learn where and what type of content to post.



Video Transcript:
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If you want to create a marketing plan built for success in 2023, there are four things you have to do extremely well. Number one, you’ve got to be absolutely clear on who your ideal prospect is. Number two, you have to have a system of capturing qualified leads from those ideal prospects. Number three, get to create content they are looking for. And number four, you have to have a sales process that converts them to clients.

Today I’m going to talk about step three. If you want to find out more about steps one and two, clarity and capture, you can go to our YouTube channel. But today I want to talk about step number three content. Yes, you have to create content for your prospects that they’re looking for.

Where should you be putting this content? Well, if you’re asking me, I think there’s three places your content must set. Number one, social media. And if you’re in the B2B space, that has to be on LinkedIn. Number two emails, you have to be sending out good emails with content. Your prospects are looking for. And number three, your website.

Every website today should have a page dedicated to a learning hub, learning library, whatever you want to call it, where your prospects can find your site if they happen to be searching for the things you’re talking about. Well, let’s talk about the content you can create. If there are two types of content you need to create that your prospects are looking for.

Here they are. Number one. Education. Yeah. Think of topics. Think of questions, hesitations, concerns, objections. Your prospects have things they might literally put into Google to search for. Create content around that. Number two, create content that lets them get to know you listen. The way we build relationships in business today changed with the pandemic. It’s not as easy to build a relationship with a prospect like it used to be.

You can’t just take them out to lunch, play a round of golf, go to a ballgame. However, your content in your emails and social media on your website can actually build a relationship with your prospect before you ever meet them. You see, if you just focus on creating content, they’re looking for and you create content that less than get to know you, you become very searchable.

And when you become very searchable, you becomes a heck of a lot easier for your prospects to find you. And if you take that content and put it out on social media, you put it out in your emails and you put it on your website, you are putting that content in places where they can find you. And when they can find you, you become the go to resource for the education they’re looking for, which makes it easier to hire you.

So do your success a favor. Do your business a favor. Start creating content. Creating content that teaches your prospects about the things you do. Think about the topics, the titles, the the questions they have, and just create content around that. But don’t forget to include the content that lets them get to know you and your team, because that is the best way to stand out.

That’s step three. Convert content that has your prospects reaching out to you. It’s what changed our business, and I know it can do the same for you.