In this video I share my top 3 YouTube takeaways after uploading my 1,000th video.



Video Transcript:

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Here’s the truth. When you record your first video, you are going to suck. Last week, we uploaded our 1,000th video to the complete game consulting YouTube channel. And this video I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned now that we have downloaded and uploaded more than 1000 videos to our YouTube channel. You see, YouTube is one of the greatest tools you could be using to grow your business right now.

Why? Because it is the second largest search engine in the world. Your prospects are coming to a platform like YouTube to solve their problems. And if you’re there, you have a great opportunity to teach, educate them and build some credibility with them. But here’s your problem. Even though you try video, you’re not consistent. You record your first, second and maybe third video and then the hesitation set in.

I’m not good at video. Video is just not my thing. And then you stop. Well, let me tell you, as someone who has recorded now more than 1000 videos for YouTube. You need to be more consistent. It is about playing the long game. And what I want to share with you is the three things I have learned by uploading more than 1000 videos to our YouTube channel.

Number one length doesn’t matter. See, I get that question all the time, Andy. When I’m recording videos, how long should my videos be? Should they be 5 minutes, 10 minutes? Less than 2 minutes. Here’s the reality. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what comes out of your mouth. If you look at our YouTube channel today, we have one minute videos, two minute videos, five minute videos, ten minute videos, and 45 minute videos.

It’s not about the length. It’s about what you are saying in the videos. Content is as important as the length. Number two, when it comes to uploading videos to YouTube, quantity is as important as quality. Yeah. You see, everybody believes it’s about the quality. You think you’ve got to have these fancy edited videos in order to be able to upload videos to a platform like YouTube.

But I’m here to tell you it couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s all about quantity. You have got to get the volume out there. The reason you don’t believe video works for you is you’re just not doing enough of it. Quit worrying about the captions and the editing in the clip out in the phase. Billions and everything that goes into editing and just get video out there.

The more video you create, the more credibility you create with your prospects. Why? Because they are coming to you to learn. And if they see dozens, hundreds of videos from you, you’re giving them an unlimited amount of time to learn from you, which is going to give them that confidence to hire. And number three, this might be the most important thing I’ve learned about uploading more than 1000 videos to YouTube.

We’re just getting started. When I look at our channel, you could argue our channel’s not that successful. We’ve uploaded uploaded more than 1000 videos to YouTube and I still only have 425 subscribers. But I’m here to tell you, even after 1000 videos, I still feel like I’m getting started. When it comes to what I’m learning about creating better videos, how to tell better stories in videos.

And I’m here to tell you we’re going to be around for our next 1000 videos. Yes, it’s about consistency. If you are going to use video to grow your business, you have to play the long game. It’s not about creating ten videos and turning that into an amazing business model. You have to be here for the long haul.

I want you to celebrate your 1,000th video when you finally upload a two year to YouTube channel. So I am here to give you the hope, the encouragement that you can create video and grow your business with it. You got to play the long game and use a platform like YouTube to grow your business because this is how you will build credibility with your top prospects.