In this video, you’ll learn the secret behind consistently planning productive days.



Video Transcript:

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Never go to bed without planning tomorrow. Tip number three Plan the night before. I already told you the importance of planning your week and the fact you have to have time on the calendar to plan your week before you wake up on Monday morning. But even if you’ve got that plan on the calendar the entire week planned out, you still need to take time the night before to look at tomorrow.

Never go to bed without planning tomorrow. Things change throughout the week. Priorities change throughout the week. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve looked at my week. It looks perfect. And all of a sudden, Wednesday night, I’m looking at Thursday. I’m like, Wait, Things got to adjust. A new priority popped up. Somebody postponed, canceled, got a new timeslot to fill that we could use for effectively.

This is why planning the night before is so important. And by the way, when you spend time the night before planning, you’ll go to bed and your brain is already going to start working to make tomorrow successful. But if you wake up in the morning, not sure what your plan is. At the end of the day, you really have no plan at all and your calendar is going to own you.

And this is the final piece of the third tip I want to share, which I have leaned into harder to now than I ever have before, and that is quit negotiating with your count. If you take the time to plan your weeks, you make sure all of your priorities show up on your calendar every night before you go to bed Monday through Thursday night.

You look at tomorrow, you plan out the day to make sure you have it locked in when you wake up. You only have one job. Follow the plan. Quit negotiating with your calendar. Quit putting a priority there on Sunday and then get to Thursday. Be like, I don’t really want to do that. When people ask us how we get so much done here, a complete game consulting.

I tell them our days are planned from start to finish and I don’t judge or negotiate with the calendar. You just wake up and run the schedule. It actually eliminates a lot of the thinking. It takes away a lot of stress because your calendar is already telling you what you got to do today. Let your calendar be your judge.