In this video you’ll learn an important tip about asking for referrals from your clients.



Video Transcript:

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The reason you’re not getting enough referrals is you’re not asking enough. And when you do, you suck at asking for referrals.

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to ask for referrals from your clients so they give you access to the right prospects. Listen, one of my mentors, Roy Venn, says it all the time. The quickest path to cash is through referrals.

If you can build a business purely on referrals, you are in a golden spot, but there’s a good chance you’re not there. Why? You’re not asking for referrals enough, and then when you do, you blow it. Listen, I was there too early in my career. I wouldn’t ask for referrals nearly enough, and then when I would get the chance, I would blow it too, because I would ask for referrals the wrong way.

Here’s what Asking for referrals the wrong way. It looks like you sit down, you’re looking at your client, you’re having a conversation with them, and you simply say, Hey, do you know of any other businesses like yours that could use our help? What is the what does the client say? Well, they look at you in the eye and they say, Let me think.

I’ll put a list together and get back to you. But here’s what happens. Business gets in the way, life gets in the way, and they never get back to you with any kind of referrals. So what you need to do is sit down and figure out how you can ask for a more effective referral. So here’s what I want you to do.

Number one, I want you to look at your current book of business today, and I want you to think about who your favorite clients are. Then I want you to take a few minutes and ask yourself why they are your favorite client. Now, the only answer you can’t give yourself is because I make the most money out of them.

No. You see, when you identify your favorite clients, there’s two ways to identify your favorite client. Number one, identify them demographically. What is about? What is it about their demographics that makes them a good fit? Is it their size? It is their location, the number of employees they have, What makes them a great fit for you? But more importantly, identify why they are your favorite clients.

Psychographic. How do they make decisions? What do they believe? What do they stand for? You see, identifying your favorite clients is kind of like recruiting top notch blue chip athletes. You see their measurements on paper, height, weight, speed, matter. However, it’s how they perform in the games that determine if they’re going to be the recruit you want on your team.

The same is true when you’re trying to identify your best clients or your ideal prospects. Psychographics are where the gold is found. It’s what they believe, what they stand for. Who are these people? You see, once you know why your clients are your favorite psychographics, be asking for referrals gets a heck of a lot easier. You see, instead of sitting down and asking, Do you know of any other businesses that could use our help, you’re now going to sit down and look at the client and say, Listen, let me tell you why I love working with you and you’re going to rattle off all those psychographic features.

You make quick decisions. You believe in your employees, you love your employees. I love how you challenge me when you don’t agree with me. Then you just spin it into an easy question. Do you have any other business peers who are just like you? You see, when you ask for a referral that way your client now has a clear picture of who they should be introducing to you.

They’re not going to have to give you the Well, let me think about it. They know who these peers are. They surround themselves with these peers. You see, people like to hang out with. People dislike them. And if you lay out all the personality traits, the psychographic traits of your ideal client, it is going to be so much easier for them to introduce you to the right people.

So the next time you’re sitting down with a client and you want to go for the referral, you’re about to make the ask, just take a minute or two and tell the client why you love working with them. What is it about who they are that you love to work with and then ask if they know anybody. Just like now.

You see, if you do it this way, I guarantee your client is going to rattle off two, three, four names. And not only is it going to be a referral, it’s going to be a referral to the right prospect. So give it a try. Let me know what you think. But let me say it one more time. Referrals are the quickest path to cash. And if you know how to make the right ask, you’re going to build one hell of a business.