For over 15 years David has been a full time personal trainer and has changed the lives of 10s of thousands of lives throughout the world.

He has been obsessed about changing the way we view health and vitality through the disruption of how we see the links between fitness and workplace productivity, today. He has dedicated his life to living the healthy lifestyle, and truly believes that anyone can transform themselves through learning his unique system towards improving their vitality.

From training first grade footballers, Olympians, to the everyday person, David believes that true fulfillment of career, business and life starts with ones own health. His research and experience has taken him around the world searching for trends of what it takes to live a true life of vitality.

David has now produced a proven formula for any team, business or individual to find and live a life of true vitality. David believes in sharing the knowledge he has amassed throughout his years in the fitness industry from the various different sports, coaches and trainers he has come across throughout his life.