I’ve been really active on LinkedIn for a little over 2 years. Each day my goal is to bring as much value to my audience as I can. In the beginning, my content sucked. Yet, through consistency and repetition, it’s improved. What is the “hack” that’s helped me post better content? There is none.

Showing up on social media is a constant game of testing and experimenting. Will a certain type of post work? I don’t know. Test it and see what happens. If it doesn’t resonate with your audience, stop doing it. Keep trying new things until you reach a point where your message is consistently resonating with your target connections.

I see too many individuals post content on social platforms for a week or two, get frustrated, leave, then exclaim that social media is a “waste of time!”. The only thing wasted is their willingness to keep going. Reaping the benefits of social media takes consistency, persistency, and patience. There is no overnight success. There is no silver bullet; especially when social platforms are CONSTANTLY changing. Predicting the future is nearly impossible.

However, I’m going to try to do the impossible today. I’m going to make 3 predictions about the platform, with which, I’m writing this very article…LinkedIn. Bold? Maybe. But, those that utilize it effectively, over the long run, will reap the benefits of having better connections with target prospects and more business opportunities with those prospects . So, here we go…

LinkedIn’s voice text feature WILL replace the cold call.

If you haven’t tried the voice text feature yet, get on it. It’s only available with your 1st connections, but it’s a game-changer. Imagine connecting with your target prospects by sending an invite, sharing valuable content with them, and then following up with a voice text message. It’s SO MUCH more effective than a cold call. With a LinkedIn voice text, they will be able to instantly look at your profile and know who you are. It’s more personal and will lead to more engagement from your prospects. Give it a shot!

Showing up on LinkedIn every day WILL lead to more business.

LinkedIn isn’t about quick wins. Success requires you play the long game. I see far too many individuals post on the platform only to get frustrated WEEKS later because the activity isn’t leading to quick business. News flash…it doesn’t!!! However, if you show up EVERY DAY sharing valuable content through videos, blogs, engaging with other’s content, you will eventually reap the benefits of more business. Winning business comes down to how many people know you, like you, and trust you, but it starts with awareness, and social media platforms, like LinkedIn, give you the BEST PLATFORM to create that awareness. Be consistent. Be persistent. Be patient.

Intent WILL become the new “currency” on LinkedIn.

Social media is very smart. It always knows what your intentions are. If you’re on LinkedIn with the intent to sell people, the platform knows. People’s ability to sniff out a “sales pitch” is stronger than it’s ever been. Now, if your goal is to provide as much value as you can to as many individuals as you can, you will be rewarded. Intent will become the new currency on the platform. Stop sending direct messages asking for a sale (that’s gross!!) and start providing valuable content that people can use to improve their lives. Your intent matters, so use it wisely.


There you have it. My 3 predictions for LinkedIn’s future. Will I be right? I have no idea. However, I know that consistency and patience works. Utilizing voice text and showing up every day with the intent of creating valuable content has given me the opportunity to establish some great relationships with great human beings and has led to many beneficial partnerships. I hope it does for you too. Now, get after it!!