Are You Playing To Win? Or Playing Not To Lose?

As a Packer fan, I can remember the game like it was yesterday.

January 24, 2015. Packers and Seahawks. NFC Championship. A spot in the Super Bowl on the line.

For most of the game, the Packers took it right to the Seahawks. They attacked…and attacked…and attacked. With about four minutes to go in the game, the Packers were ahead 19-7 and a trip to the Super Bowl for the green and gold looked like a foregone conclusion.

But…then something happened.

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Sell Your Story, Not Somebody Else’s

No matter what industry you’re in today, there’s “noise”. Social media has created a crowded market where everyone is fighting for attention. The result?

Everyone sounds the same. Everyone is saying the same things.

Look no further than the health insurance industry. which is where I’ve spent the majority of my career. EVERYONE is sharing the same story!

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Don’t Let Comparison Steal Joy From Your Life

Imagine having a job where EVERYBODY is being compared EVERY DAY. That was my life in professional baseball. Everyone on the field was looked at under a microscope. Every. Single. Game.

Teammates competed with each other for the next promotion. Coaches were focused on taking the next steps towards a major league dugout. Umpires were looking for the “big break” that would land them behind home plate in a big league stadium. Every day, your worth was determined by a set of statistics that would ultimately determine your fate. Every game could possibly be your last.

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It’s Time You Play Bigger!

Do you find yourself in this scenario today?

Business is good. Sales are good. Profits are good.

However, when you look out at your competition, it seems like, for them, business is booming. Profits must be great. It looks like they’re having big league success. They’re getting into bigger opportunities. They’re winning bigger business. They’re revenue is growing faster, and you want a little taste of their success. You want to play bigger too.

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