There are 3 months left to go in the year and you might be feeling stuck.

You’re behind your goals and you’re just trying to figure out how to finish the year strong.

You’re also looking out at your competition thinking they’re leveraging some secret advantage that you don’t have access to. You just want one growth hack that will take your results to a level you’ve never experienced, but you’re looking in the wrong places.

It’s not about having the perfect product. It’s not about having the perfect thing to say to the perfect prospect at the perfect time.

Or, you just may be constantly seeking and not doing. You’re not taking action.

That’s exactly where I was for years. I thought if I just read one more book, signed up for one more course, or talked to one more subject-matter expert, I’d find the silver bullet I needed to grow my business.

But…it never happened.

After watching and talking to some of the top sales producers I know, here’s what I’ve discovered:

The #1 growth strategy they hack is TIME. They hack their calendar.

You see, there is no inherent competitive advantage when it comes to time. You and I have the same 1,440 seconds every single day. Yet, the top sales producers create a competitive advantage by how efficiently they use their time.

No, it’s not about working 16 hours a day. It’s about being efficient with the seconds you’re given each day.

So, how do they hack time? Let’s look at the top 3 time strategies deployed by the best.

  1. They plan each day the night before. They never go into a morning without having a grasp of the day’s game plan.
  2. They know exactly what the top priorities are each day, and then block them into the calendar to ensure they are completed.
  3. They delegate. They know exactly what each hour is worth ($) and they delegate everything underneath that value.


Here’s what I want you to do:


Before you go to bed tonight, plan tomorrow. Next, figure out what your #1 priority is tomorrow and block it in the calendar, preferably first thing in the morning. Do this day in and day out, and I promise you’ll be impressed with your results!