It’s no secret that the insurance industry is changing. And with so many new ways to reach prospects, the days of making cold calls are coming to an end.

In this video, we explore why this is changing and how you should be evolving your prospecting strategy.



Video Transcript:
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Is the cold call dead? This is a question that gets met with a lot of ruffled feathers in the insurance industry because it’s a form of prospecting we have used for decades. But I truly believe we are as close to the cold call being dead as we have ever been before. Why? It’s pretty simple. When you look at a prospect business card or their email signature, what phone number appears?

Yeah, their office phone. So you pick up the phone, you dial and you’re calling an office today that you don’t even know if anybody reports to anymore. There’s a good chance that that direct contact you’re trying to make, you’re trying to reach out to doesn’t even report to the office anymore. So what are the odds that they’re actually getting their phone messages or actively picking up the phone?

Very slim now. The good news is that more and more of your prospects are willing to give out their cell phone because this is how we communicate today. So you might even see a prospect cell phone number appear in his or her email signature. But now here’s the problem. Now you’ve got their cell phone. So what do you do?

You pick up and you call their cell phone number. But what happens? Well, think about how you use your cell phone. If you see an incoming call with a number you don’t recognize, what do you do? Yeah, You let it go to voicemail and then you decide if you are going to return that call or not. Worse yet, I have an iPhone.

My iPhone tells me you actually might be spam. So this is why I truly believe the cold call is as close to being dead as it’s ever been. So what do you do? What can you do? This is why you have to resort to exponential awareness. You have to create a brand that your prospects recognize using the channels that we use today.

Social media, emails, webinars. This is how you get your message out today. This is how you can get a lot of prospects to know who you are very quickly. And you can still use direct marketing tactics, whether it be with social media or email. So that’s my advice for you today. I know just saying the phrase cold calling is dead.

Ruffled feathers in the insurance industry. But think about what has happened since the pandemic. How many people are picking up your calls? And that’s just not that many. So think about how you’re going to create exponential awareness in 2023, and it’s going to do a hell of a lot of good for your prospecting.