This week we wrap up our four-part series on planning your 2023 Marketing Strategy with a focus on CREATING A SALES PROCESS.

The key to an effective sales process does not include a silver-bullet sales script or the perfect closing technique.

It’s about having a process you can rinse and repeat to help you stand out with your prospects.

It’s a simple process:

Build a process.

Execute it with precision.

Be consistent as hell.



Video Transcript:
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If you want to create a marketing and sales strategy built to win in 2023, there’s four things you have to do very well. Number one, you have to have absolute clarity on who your ideal prospect is. You can’t serve all people. Number two, you have to create a system that captures qualified leads from your ideal prospects. Step three You have to create content that draws them in.

And step four is you have to have a sales process that converts them to clients. And today I’m going to talk to you about step four, converting them to clients. Now, if you haven’t watched any of the first three. Go back to the YouTube channel. All three steps are there. But today we’re going to talk about converting those ideal prospects to clients.

Now, warning, I’m not going to teach you any closing hacks. Any perfect silver bullet scripts to use. What I am going to talk about, though, is creating a system, a sales process that is automated so you can convert those ideal prospects to clients. There’s three things I’m going to focus on for an effective sales process. Now, if you’ve done the first three steps correctly, you know who your ideal prospect is.

You have a way to capture their lead and then you’re creating content for them. They’re coming into your sales pipeline already knowing who you are. Heck, they might already like you and trust you. One that’s going to make sales a lot easier. So let’s talk about the three things every good sales process has to have. Number one, it has to be a process.

You mean when it comes to creating your sales system? Right now, do you have a process you can rinse and repeat? Do you start with a discovery call? Is there a second meeting followed by a proposal? So step one or part one of a good sales process is having a process in the first place. I watched too many people who are recreating the wheel when every sales opportunity.

And if you just take the time to sit down and create a process, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just a process that you can rinse and repeat. You are going to close more business. Number two, automating that process. What can you do to automate your sales process to make life easier for you? So how about creating an automated email sequence when from that, from the moment a prospect schedules a meeting with you to that discovery call so that you can set them up for a good internal meeting here at Complete Game Consulting.

When an advisor schedules a discovery call with us after the calendar invite goes out, they automatically receive a welcome email with a video from me that talks through how the Discover meeting is going to go. Then they get an automated email from me, reminding them 24 hours in advance there is a discovery meeting, and in that email I share the agenda of what we’re going to be covering.

So by the time the prospect comes to the Discovery meeting, they’re already prepared so we can have an effective discussion and leverage our time the right way. So my question to you is what are you doing to automate that sales system? Can you leverage an email platform that allows you to send out automated emails to prospects when they schedule meetings with you so that you can prepare them to have effective conversations?

And then part three of a good sales process is leveraging the power of video. I absolutely love this one because if you can walk your prospects through your sales process leveraging video, to me it is the most effective way to get somebody to a close. So what do I mean? We’ll go back to that automated welcome email I talked about.

How about including a video in there, which is you welcoming them to the Discovery call and preparing them for what’s going to be covered. We also have an audit, email, automated email that goes out after discovery calls with our prospects that has another video with me where I walk the advisor through what I believe he or she is thinking right now.

Now that we have met, because my goal is I want to move on to the next step and the last part of video and a sales process that I think is will take your sales to the next level. It’s something I leveraged as an advisor is creating prerecorded sales proposals. Why? Because even though I knew I would be going to a prospect’s place of business to conduct a proposal, I knew there was a frame of time that would lapse between my proposal and when they made a decision.

And if that time lapse was long enough, I knew they were going to forget what I was going to talk about. So I would come in with a prerecorded video so that when the meeting was over, they could go back and I could send the pre-recording out to make sure the highlights of my proposal were hit upon. They didn’t forget the highlights of my proposal, and most importantly, if they had to share my proposal with another decision maker, they could just share the pre-recording.

It helped me keep and maintain control of the entire sales process and it allowed me to close more business. You see, the key to an effective sales process is not the perfect sales script. It’s not the perfect closing technique. Though our industry will continue to try to teach you that. It’s about having a process that you can automate and leverage video throughout the process.

You want to stand out with your prospects. That’s how you do it. It’s having an automated sales process that allows you to walk them from point A to point B, the most effective and efficiently you can, and using a platform like video. So you can stand out throughout the entire process.