Stop the complaining. Stop the excuses.

Don’t point fingers when you should be looking in the mirror.

Your life is pretty damn good.

EVERYTHING that is happening in your life starts with a choice… your choice. You need to start taking 100% ownership for it.

You don’t like your job? Leave.

You have friends dragging you down? Find new ones.

You’re unhappy with your financial situation? Improve it.

The opportunities for prosperity in this world today are off the charts. If you’re lucky enough to wake up every morning, you have no excuse. There is NOTHING stopping you from having the life you know you’re capable of … except you. So, put a smile on your face and get going!

Why am I writing about this? I was guilty of all of the complaining and excuse-making mentioned above.

My lack of business success was my boss’ fault.

I complained about the people I was hanging around but did nothing about it.

The lack of money in my wallet was the economy’s fault.

Hell…I was blaming the weather!!

I don’t know about you but this is no way to live life. It’s too short. I had to take inventory and realize that NOTHING in my life will change until I do. I cannot control my boss. I cannot control the economy. I cannot control the weather.

However, I can control my attitude, my gratitude, and how I react to everything happening in my outer world. What about you?

If you’d take the time to pause and reflect, I think you just might realize how good your life is.

Do you have access to clean water right now? Do you have to ability to eat clean, healthy food? Are you free to make any choice you want today? Are you holding a device in your hand that literally allows you to communicate with anyone in the world within seconds?

Yep, you have it pretty damn good.

The current state of your success and happiness will never change until you do. Do not look to others to provide it for you. It’s not your boss’ job, it’s not you friends’ job, it’s not the government’s job.

Success and happiness start with YOU.

So, what are you going to do this week to change you so you change your results?


Own your choices. Own your happiness. Own your success!