No matter what industry you’re in today, there’s “noise”. Social media has created a crowded market where everyone is fighting for attention. The result?

Everyone sounds the same. Everyone is saying the same things.

Look no further than the health insurance industry. which is where I’ve spent the majority of my career. EVERYONE is sharing the same story!

Healthcare 3.0 (I still need someone to explain this to me), healthcare supply chains, HDHPs, SG&A, DPC, RBP…OMG, WTF!?!

It is becoming nearly impossible to differentiate.

So… how are you going to rise above this noise?

How are you going to win when the Pandora’s box has been opened? Realize there aren’t the same competitive advantages as in the past. Everyone has access to the same solutions.

How are you going to win against competition that has more resources and “capabilities”?

Here’s how … share YOUR story. What? You don’t have a story to share? Wrong. You do. EVERYONE has a story. Find yours.

Sharing your story will connect with your prospects in a way no set of words or strategy can. Be vulnerable. Share your failures. Let your prospects realize that you’re just … like … them. You see, when you share your story with your prospects, they’ll share their business with you.

There has never been a better time to grow your business and get your message out to the masses. You can literally share your message with the world in mere seconds. Take advantage of the tools available today to help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. But … do it by sharing YOUR story, not somebody else’s.


Happy 4th of July!