Standing on the mound, ball in hand, a pitcher has complete control over the baseball game. With each batter he faces, he’s determined to eliminate the hitter’s ability from wreaking havoc on the game plan. The strike out serves as the most effective tool in achieving this goal. Striking out a batter is a difficult task. It requires focus, effective pitch selection, velocity, and, most important, follow through. A pitcher can have all the talent in the world. He can have an arsenal of pitches and a lightning bolt for an arm, but if he doesn’t follow through, he will be completely ineffective. Without follow through, he will find it hard to throw strikes and will elevate his pitches allowing the hitter to smack the ball all over the park. Lousy mechanics have ruined the careers of many pitchers full of elite talent. The lesson here is simple. If you want to be a successful pitcher you need to throw strikes, and follow through is the key to consistently hitting the strike zone. Your health plan is no different.

CEOs, CFOs, and HR professionals around the country continue to battle the uncertainty and unpredictability of ever-increasing healthcare costs. Many have succumbed to the status quo allowing their health plans to get smacked “all over the park” by insurance companies and the healthcare system. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Results require follow through

Today, decision makers have access to an arsenal of healthcare strategies and solutions to help them consistently hit their financial strike zone. Giving employees access to high-quality healthcare at reduced costs is more attainable today than ever before. Every day, decision makers attend webinars, seminars, and conferences where effective healthcare strategies are served up to them like a ball placed on a batting tee. I love to see the excitement on faces when audience members discover a simple strategy they’ve never seen before. All the talent is there to create a world-class health plan. Yet, without follow through, it’s all for naught. Without follow through, CEOs, CFOs, an HR professionals cannot elevate the performance of the health plan. Trying to achieve different results using the same pitch selection and same flawed mechanics won’t keep you in the game.

Bringing certainty and predictability to the healthcare budget requires follow through. Take action now! The velocity in which effective healthcare solutions are being delivered to the market is only getting faster. Jump on them! Developing the right mechanics to consistently achieve successful outcomes is there for the taking. Step outside your comfort zone and take the time to chart a new course for your employees and your profitability. You have control of the game if you want it. Bear down, focus on your target, and follow through!