The Leadership Playbook for

The New Normal

A live, online workshop designed to empower leaders and managers with the brand clarity, performance, and communication skills to lead remote workforces effectively.

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Building the Right Personal Brand

  • Leverage the power of perception
  • Define your leadership brand (CORE-4)
  • Learn what’s supporting and undermining your brand strength
  • Understand what must change for you to succeed

Maximizing Overall Performance

  • Clearly define personal priorities
  • Clearly define professional priorities
  • Planning the perfect day
  • Owning your weekly calendar

Mastering your Virtual Message

  • Master the mechanics of on-camera communication
  • Leverage the psychology of virtual communication
  • Use setting and body language to your advantage
  • Lead more effective and focused virtual meetings
Plus, the digital tools to make all of this happen!
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The business world is filled with uncertainty right now and it has you questioning your abilities as a leader and communicator. Trying to lead and communicate with your team virtually is uncomfortable, frustrating, and weighing on your confidence. In addition, managing your team surrounded by stress and anxiety isn’t getting you the results you want. Deep down you know leading people virtually shouldn’t have to be so complicated.


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Andy Neary

Andy Neary

Former professional athlete turned business coach with a passion to help business leaders improve personal and professional performance. As an undersized athlete, my habits and rituals were everything. The work I put in “outside the lines” created the success I had on the field. I want to help you do the same! By uncovering the strategies I used to rise to baseball’s highest level, you will learn how to develop a consistent game plan to BE YOUR BEST so you can BRING YOUR BEST to your team and life.

Gerry Sandusky

Gerry Sandusky

Gerry Sandusky is the Emmy Award winning play-by-play voice for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, a New York Times best-selling author of Forgotten Sundays, and the President of The Sandusky Group, a presentation skills and media coaching company focused on helping professionals engage, amaze, and influence audiences. Drawing on a lifetime spent around pro sports, Gerry is also the co-founder of Truvelop, a cloud-based tool that helps leaders and managers gain dramatic advantages by seeing and monitoring strengths and weaknesses of their people, teams, and departments.

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