Former Major League Baseball player Scott Hairston spent 10 years (2004-2014) playing at the highest level. His successful journey in professional sports saw him make stops in Arizona, San Diego, Oakland, New York (Mets), Chicago (Cubs), and Washington DC.

Scott was a man of many talents and he used his versatility as an outfielder and second baseman to be a key contributor on several successful teams. Scott also comes from a unique family.

The Hairstons are only 1 of 3 families in baseball history to have 3 generations play at the Major League level. In this episode we talk about what it was like growing up in a baseball family. What was it like to be surrounded by that level of mentorship.

We also talk about Scott’s 10-year career and what baseball taught him as an individual and a team player. But, that’s not why I wanted Scott on the Bullpen Sessions podcast.