Today’s topic?

The 6 basic human needs.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, here they are…

❇️ Certainty

❇️ Uncertainty / Variety

❇️ Growth

❇️ Contribution

❇️ Love and Connection

❇️ Significance

In my work with insurance advisers, I see 3 of them standing out above all others… Certainty, Growth, and Significance.

The first 2 are pretty straightforward.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have certainty in the future of your business?

Growth is obvious. I’m hoping you strive to grow your business and yourself personally.

➡️➡️ It’s significance that stands out the most.

Would you like to have significance in your market? Would you like to become a more-recognized authority in your field?

Here’s how… communicate 🗣 BETTER and MORE OFTEN than anyone else.

🔑 I’ve said this over and over, he or she who communicates his or his story the BEST and MOST wins every time.

So, start sharing 🤲 your story as often as you can. The world is waiting to hear it!!