How strong is your ERA❓

If you’re a baseball fan, I’m not talking about Earned Run Average.

I’m talking about a much more impactful ERA to your business.

🔑 Engagement

🔑 Relationships

🔑 Authority.

No matter what industry you’re in today, you face similar challenges…

⚠️ There’s a ton of noise.

⚠️ Whether you like it or not, you’re a commodity to your prospects.

⚠️ No one knows who you are.

This was my kryptonite 💎 .

It’s imperative you are start sharing your and sharing good content with your target audience as often as you can.

✅ He or she who communicates the best and the most wins every time. Because when you do…

1️⃣ You elevate the ENGAGEMENT with your prospects.

2️⃣ Your develop better RELATIONSHIPS with your prospects.

3️⃣ You become an AUTHORITY to your prospects.

So get out there and share your story and share damn good content as often as you can, because the world (and your wallet) needs it!