How are your 2020 goals coming along❓

On track? Behind? Wait…you haven’t even created your 2020 goals?!?

I’ve had a lot of conversations 🗣 with insurance advisers this week haven’t event taken the first step towards their 2020 goals because they’re still wrapping up 2019!

❄️ January is almost over!

If you find yourself in this boat, I want to help.

In this week’s ⚾️ FRIDAY BULLPEN SESSION ⚾️ share a tip to help you breakdown your goals into bite-sized chunks.

The key?

🔑 Reverse Engineer Your Goals

1️⃣ Take your lofty goal for the year and reverse engineer it back to what you need to doing every single day to hit it.

2️⃣ Then…forget the big goal and JUST FOCUS on what you have to do day in and day out.

So…what is your lofty 2020 goal?

Have you broken it down into steps you can easily digest?