Ok, we’re trying something new here 🤞!

Here’s Week 1 of my all new Friday Bullpen Sessions ⚾️ (audio)!

This week’s topic?

➡️ Creating awareness.

If you’re in sales, you HAVE to create more awareness of who the hell you are.

Closing business isn’t your issue. Moving a prospect “through the pipeline” isn’t your issue.

✔️ You just don’t have enough opportunities to win!

Listen, today’s it’s a game of attention.

🔑 It comes down to who KNOWS you, who LIKES you, and who TRUSTS you.

But nobody can like or trust you if they don’t know who the heck you are!

☑️ Stop living in obscurity and start becoming omnipresent!

You deserve to win more business 👊🏻!