I’m about to admit something I’m not very proud of…

It was early on in my sales career. I was a financial planner struggling to make a sale, struggling to make money. I needed to find a way to get some quick wins.

So, a “mentor”, at the time, lent a hand and said he was going to help me out. He was going to help me move some of my parents’ investments from one retirement vehicle to another and would pay me commission from the transaction. Now my struggles, at the time, were so large, I went with it. The transaction was made, the sale was done, and I made a nice chunk of commission. Yes (ugh)!

I remember coming home after the “sale” and telling my girlfriend about the day’s win. I thought she would be happy. I thought she would be proud. However, the look on her face showed anything but pride. She couldn’t believe that I would put my own personal gain in front of my parent’s long-term success, and she was right. I didn’t know what to say. I was so embarrassed. That night I realized that I “sold out” just so I could sell something.

It still pains me today to share that story because I couldn’t believe I would stoop so low just to make a sale. I couldn’t believe that I was willing to set my integrity aside for a quick win.

You ever been there? Do you find yourself struggling to make a sale so much that you’re willing to “sell out” just to sell more? Are you willing to say whatever it takes to get someone to buy? Are you willing to forego the important details about the transaction just so you can get the sale “in the door”? Remember, selling a bull sh*t dream to an unknowing buyer only leads to servicing a nightmare.

Take it from me…this is NOT how you create long-term success. Short, quick wins often lead you to forego your integrity, forego your responsibility to keep your (new) client’s best interest in mind. Don’t do it. You WILL NOT win in the long run.

If you’re out the right now just trying to say anything just to get a sale, I really want you to pause and reflect on what you’re doing. Are you ok with the ramifications that come with placing your bottom line over your client’s success? Can you honestly look in the mirror and feel good about this? If you feel this is what you “have to do” to make it in your profession, it’s time to find something else to do.

There is no amount of new clients and no amount of money that will over come the lost integrity, pride, and respect you will face when you’re constantly focused on short-term gains.


Quit selling with your wallet and start selling with your heart.