Complete Game Consulting

Build a brand message your prospects will love

Whether it’s creating freedom with a more automated agency or setting up your agency for its highest possible sale price, Complete Game Consulting provides the tools and roadmap to get you there. 

The Challenge

Avoiding the trap

Let’s start with the obvious, it’s hard to grow a thriving agency if your producers aren’t selling. It’s enough to make you doubt the longterm sustainability of the agency itself. When this happens, agency owners resort to clinging onto the business they already have. You’re eventually burned out, worn out, and you just want out, ultimately leading to you
selling the agency for a lot less than you thought you would.

I ask you to imagine this scenario not to dwell on negativity but to correct the course before it even happens. 

What’s the game plan?

‘Procedurize’ your pipeline

The find the right prospects, you’ll first need to find the right messaging to market with. That information is used to create a clear, effective and repeatable sales and marketing strategy to position your agency to win. You now have a thriving health insurance agency that is giving you the schedule and financial freedom you dreamed of having.

The Four Pillars


One-on-one consulting to get you laser-focused on exactly what’s needed for consistent, sustainable growth.


Workshops and training sessions where you’ll learn techniques and trade secrets from the industry’s best. 


The creative you’ll need to grab the attention of your target audience and help them understand your value.


A team of people to lean on, bounce ideas and also hold you accountable to ensure you get the most from the program.

Stop running in place

Position your agency for peak profit potential

Take the first step