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Top Sales Producers Are Leveraging This Growth Hack…Are You?

There are 3 months left to go in the year and you might be feeling stuck.

You’re behind your goals and you’re just trying to figure out how to finish the year strong.

You’re also looking out at your competition thinking they’re leveraging some secret advantage that you don’t have access to. You just want one growth hack that will take your results to a level you’ve never experienced, but you’re looking in the wrong places.

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Who’s Life Are You Going to Change Today?

So you want to change the world, huh? Well, that’s great.

What’s your plan? How are you going to do it?

Do you even have a plan, or are you just saying it because it feels good and it’s what social media and society encourages you to do.

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Business Convo Podcast – A Unique Way To Connect With Your Audience

Andy Neary is a former professional baseball player and a 20-year veteran of the health insurance industry, He has learned the significance mindset plays in achieving success. Confidence, competence, and a clear course of action provide the roadmap for any successful journey. He wakes up each day with a growing passion to help people and companies break through the mindset barriers preventing them from reaching their goals. He specializes in working with anyone who is ready for real change, by showing them how simple mindset shifts can help turn mediocre expectations into massive success. When you have the right mix of confidence, competence, and course of action, there’s nothing in life you cannot accomplish.  In this episode, he discusses A unique way to connect with your audience and create raving fans.

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Quit Caring What Others Think

Why do you care so much?

When it comes to running your life, your business, why do you get so many opinions? (Hey, guilty as charged!!)

Are you preventing yourself from stepping into the person you know you’re supposed to be because you’re afraid what others might say? What others might think? Or, the fact that someone might not like what you’re doing?!?

Stop it!

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Docu[mental] Podcast – Build a Brand & Tell a Story

An episode of Docu[mental]: A Podcast on Curiosity.

Q: How do we tell better stories?

A: Andy Neary and I jumped on the Docu[mental] podcast to discuss the art of storytelling, brand building, and more. You will learn: + How to build a name for yourself + How to make an impression in personal and professional settings + How to tell stories that captivate the audience. Have a listen!Read More

Be a Disruptor, Not a Jerk

So let’s talk about disruption for a second.

Do I think the world needs a little disruption right now? Oh, hell yes!

Listen, my career has been tied to 2 industries that need the MOST disruption…

  • Health Insurance
  • Healthcare

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