So let’s talk about disruption for a second.

Do I think the world needs a little disruption right now? Oh, hell yes!

Listen, my career has been tied to 2 industries that need the MOST disruption…

  • Health Insurance
  • Healthcare

But, although disruption is a necessary driver to move these industries in the right direction, I’d like to provide some sage advice.

Be a disruptor, don’t be a jerk.

If you’re out there today disrupting whatever industry you’re involved in keep doing it. Keep challenging the status quo. I love that people are building companies to literally change the way people think and industries operate. But, why not do it from a place of kindness? Why not do it with love instead of malice?

Be a disruptor, don’t be a jerk. One does not justify the other.

Your bottom line may see short-term success, but your long-term reputation and legacy won’t

Yes, you’re competition (i.e. the status quo) is trying to prevent you from succeeding but you don’t need to treat them like crap. They’re playing to win just like you are, so if you’re going to do anything, why not “kill ’em with kindness”?

If you’re out there disrupting today, keep doing it. Keep driving. Keep striving. Keep thriving.


But, disrupt with a good heart. Your business, your reputation, your legacy depends on it.