In this video you’re going to learn how to leverage a time management trick to get more prospecting done in less time.



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When you start thinking about instilling the habits, rituals and discipline, especially from the perspective of habits, it comes back to time management. Are you using your time efficiently to maximize the output with the minimum amount of time? That’s how I look at our weeks. Every single week is what can we do to maximize our output in the fewest number of hours?

Now you’re going to see when I get into rituals and discipline where maximizing output with the fewest amount of calories or hours or you name it is very important to our success. Twi I’m such a big believer on creating exponential awareness for your business. How do you get one message in front of as many people as you possibly can with one piece of content?

How can you get your message? How can you maximize your message in front of as many people as possible with the fewest pieces of content? That is exponential awareness. Now let’s talk about rituals. Now we’re going to get a little more personal here. I want to share three rituals I think have had a huge positive impact on my my, my life, both in business and as a person, as part of my personal life.

And really what it boils down to is my morning routine. I look at my morning routine just like I did as a pitcher. When I was getting ready to start a game at home. I had entire rituals set up that started about an hour before the game. I would start on the right field line or left field line, depending where if we were the visitor or we were the home team, depending where our dugout was.

And I would start out on the warning track at the foul pole, and I would just run pull the pole right field, the left field, right field, the left field, get my legs loose. Then I’d go to the foul line and I’d run some sprints. Then I’d do my stretching, then I’d go into the bullpen and jump rope.

I don’t know why I did that. That was more of a superstition or some mental. I felt like if I got my calves ready, I’d be ready to pitch. And then I would go into my warming up. I had this whole routine to get ready to start because I knew by the time I took the mound, if I got myself ready with my pre-game routine, I was locked in mentally on the mound and I knew I had an advantage over my competition.

I apply that same concept to my mornings now. I’m not going to go through my entire ritual, but there are three I really want to share with you as part of my morning ritual and want to share why I do these. Because when you think about the difference between habits and rituals, I look this up before the podcast.

Habits are things you just do for the purpose of consistently repeating those activities day after day after day. Rituals have more of an outside purpose of why you do the things you do. So that’s what we’re going to talk about with rituals. The first ritual I have every morning is the first thing I do when I roll out of bed is I jump in a cold shower.

Now, for some of you who hear that, you think the thought of doing that is crazy. And there definitely is a trend these days around people doing cold plunges and all these things. And I think a lot of people don’t even know why they’re doing them. But let me tell you why. This is a big part of my ritual.

When I jump in that cold shower the first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for the day, jumping in a cold shower, not one that starts warm, that you slowly turn a cold. No, I’m talking about a shower that is ice cold out of the gate. You are telling yourself you are willing to do hard things.

And if the first thing I do when I wake up is do something very hard, it is telling my brain I am capable of doing hard things the rest of that day. Not to mention it has great effects on your immune system. I’m talking about the mental side of this by jumping in that ice cold shower first thing in the morning.

I have said to myself, We do hard things and if that’s the first thing I do, man, what is the rest of the day going to look like? So that is part of my ritual, my mental ritual that locks me in every single day. It is the thing that kicks off my morning routine now, another very big pillar of my morning routine.

That is a ritual of mine. Again, no matter where I am, if I’m at home, I’m on the road is my breathwork meditation practice. Now this can last anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour, depending on what my breath work looks like that day. But the purpose of breath work in meditation. Remember, rituals are about the outside result or the the reason we do these things.

Breath work sets your body up for a successful day. It helps you deal with those moments where the stress might elevate, where you fight, might feel a little anxiety, and if you are able to use the power of your breath, you’re going to be able to control your emotions, your behaviors in those moments when you need it the most.

Those things that used to really get under your skin, those things that used to set you off are no longer going to do that. You’re going to remain in emotional control. You’re going to be able to do those hard things without the emotional highs and lows. That’s the important portions of Breathwork. It’s something my girlfriend Amy, who is a breathwork facilitator, has taught me is the reason we do Breathwork number one is it is always here, it is always free.

You always have your breath. But number two, it is teaching you to control your emotions, to control your body, because you know in business you’re going to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety. So why not put yourself in a position to be able to control it as much as you can? Now, the meditation part is all about the visualization.

I’m a huge proponent that if I close my eyes for a few minutes every morning and I visualize what a good day is going to look like more often than not at actually tends to happen. So my breathwork and my meditation practice is very important to me. The third ritual, which is one I think most people use, is get your body moving.

But for the day starts. I exercise every single day and again, it’s a bigger reason then why I do it now. I spend most of my hours exercising either in the weight room or running, but the reason I do it is it is my viewpoint that if I’m going to teach others how to reach their full potential, dang it, I better be doing it myself every single day.

And one of those things I’m going to do every single day to try to reach my full potential is I’m going to exercise. I’m at a point sometimes now I actually do two days, I exercise twice a day. I may start the day in the weight room and the day with a nice jog. In fact, I’m doing that today, the day I’m recording this episode, because I want to make it a goal, a mission of mine that if I’m going to practice what I preach, I better be the beacon of that example.

And let’s not even go into the positive impacts exercising has on your body. So these rituals are so important. When you look at those insurance advisors who are having the biggest success, consistent success, not flashes in the pan, consistent success. They’re the ones who have instilled rituals like this. They have rituals in their life they’re doing because there’s a purpose behind them.

When I look at my rituals, it’s that culture says, Hello, good morning. I am here to do hard things today. Number two, my breathwork, my meditation. I am getting my body set up to be able to control those stressful moments and I am visualizing what a positive day is going to look like. And then I get my body moving so I can get a sweat going, which is going to help me over the long run.